Fifty eight families (and counting) are mourning the senseless deaths of their loved ones today. More than 500 are injured. And up to 20,000 could be struggling for a long time from the trauma of having been part of the most deadly mass shooting in U.S. history.

That’s all kinds of messed up, America.

If you follow me online, or know me in person, you probably know my position on gun ownership. I don’t believe that weapons designed for the sole purpose of killing other humans have any place in the hands of average citizens. I’ve met too many people over the past 20+ years who’ve lost loved ones to both pre-meditated and random acts of violence to be an advocate for any law or absence of law that can allow for such deaths to occur. Or for any position against widespread, affordable access to mental health services.  Those 58 (and counting) people who died in Las Vegas — multiply that by the number of relatives and friends who are grieving, and you start getting a sense of how many people’s lives were forever changed today.

If you, your family members, or your friends were at the festival in Las Vegas last night…you have a piece of my heart today. Please let us know if there’s anything we can offer you to help you through this time.

Some of you reading this have lost family members and friends to shootings, and others to random acts of violence. The news coming out of Las Vegas might be bringing up feelings of anger, helplessness, rage, despair. That would be completely understandable. Please be kind to yourselves. You don’t have to be “over it yet.” You’ve learned hard yet valuable lessons from your tragedy, knowledge that others can learn from. They will need your wisdom and your compassion very soon.

Today I stand with you in hope for a kinder, safer, more empathetic future. We’re going to have to create it together. Let’s go.

xxo Hope