Arriving in a distant city, sitting in a circle of strangers, and unpacking emotions that may have been tucked away long ago can feel very apprehensive, we know. But at a Motherless Daughters Retreat, you’ll find that words flow freely, and community forms quickly.

Our motto is, “We arrive as familiar strangers; we leave as sisters.”

It’s quite an experience to sit in a room full of women who understand many of your innermost goals and fears. Where saying, “I’m nervous about turning the age my mother was when she died” elicits a series of nods around the circle, or “I feel like I don’t know how to be a mother if I didn’t have one to raise me” is met with full understanding rather than with judgment or a curious stare.

Women come to our retreats for many reasons.

  • Some are on the brink of a big life transition, such as marriage or motherhood, and want to process feelings about their mother’s absence with others who’ve already walked that path.
  • Some come when they realize that a coping strategy they developed as a child is no longer working in their best interest, and want to make a change.
  • Some women have a general feeling of being “stuck” and want to get past the obstacles in their path.
  • Mother loss can create a disconnection in the mother-daughter relationship. We help women reconnect with their moms in a welcoming, supportive environment.
  • Many come for the opportunity to bond with others who share similar early experiences – to feel, for once, that they’re not the odd woman in the room.

What kind of experiences do participants have?

More than 190 women have attended nine Motherless Daughters Retreats so far. Here’s some of their feedback:

I didn’t really understand the impact this weekend would have on me until we were about a day and a half into it. I was nervous and unsure before walking through the front door even though I wanted to be on this retreat. I can’t really explain it, but for me, it was a magical experience. I guess a more grown up word would be transformative.” — Brittany, Boston

“It’s been almost twenty five years since my mom passed away, yet I feel her presence with me and within me more strongly now than ever. I am so grateful for the gift of this retreat and new insight.” — Jeri, Los Angeles

“Hope and Claire put together a weekend of deep reflection and kindness that enabled me to think through many of the feelings I’ve had for years. The opportunity to talk about mother loss with a group of women that really understand was amazing and the support that I continue to feel many weeks after the retreat is wonderful. I just wish I had done this sooner!” – Sarah, San Francisco

Please consider joining us this year!

Two Early Loss retreats will be held in 2019:

 (Please note, both of these retreats are for women who were up to and including age 21 when their mothers died.) You can read more about both retreats here.

Single and shared accommodations are available at both retreats. Costs are all-inclusive. Your fee covers three nights of lodging; all meals; workshop materials; a gift bag upon arrival; a yoga class; access to a closed Facebook page for your group before and after the retreat; a follow-up conference call; and all administrative costs. Ask us about payment plans!

Still not sure?

Please feel free to email us at We’ll be happy to answer any questions! Or check out our FAQ page online.

I hope to meet some of you in 2019. In the meantime, sending very best wishes to everyone for a beautiful rest of winter.

Hope xxo

PS: If you’ve lost a mother after age 21, please check back for an Adult Mother Loss retreat later in the year. We’re working on a date and place!