Mother’s Day was started by a motherless daughter in the early 20th century, yet soon became a holiday for celebrating the day with mothers who are living. So what’s a daughter to do when she wants to revive the founder’s original intent — to honor a mother who has died?

Twenty one years ago, in New York City, a group of women decided to create a luncheon for motherless daughters, to give them a place to talk about their mothers and say their names out loud. A handful of other cities held sister luncheons that year, and the network has steadily continued to grow. This year, more than 20 Motherless Daughters Luncheons will be held in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Dubai. I’ll be speaking at two in Southern California, and Claire Bidwell Smith, who co-leads Motherless Daughters Retreats, will be speaking at the luncheon in Orange County, CA.

If you don’t live in a city hosting a luncheon, or you can’t make it to one this year, Claire and I will be offering a free half-hour call on Saturday morning May 13 at 9:30PST/1:30EST to talk about ways to cope with emotion surrounding Mother’s Day and how to make your mother part of the weekend. To RSVP to the call and receive the call-in number, please send an email to

In addition, I’ll be hosting a virtual Circle of Remembrance on my Facebook Author’s Page on Saturday, May 13. The Circle is a standard feature of all the luncheons, where women join hands in a circle and say their names and their mother’s names out loud. (E.g., “Hope, daughter of Marcia.”) Everyone is invited to participate. The virtual circle will start at 8 a.m. PST/11 a.m. EST and will continue throughout the weekend. Please head over to my Facebook page to join in!

I’ll post my annual Letter to Motherless Daughters on Mother’s Day in a few days — working on it right now! Please join my mailing list to receive it in your inbox.

Until then, sending love and sisterhood to you all, and special thoughts for those of you heading into the first Mother’s Day weekend without your moms. The first is always the hardest. Lots of us know that, and are here to help you through it. You’re not alone.

xxoo Hope