Twenty five years ago, 92 women were interviewed for the first edition of Motherless Daughters and shared their stories with honesty and courage, some of them speaking about mother loss for the first time.

While working on my next book — my eighth, this one about the lifelong effects of early loss — I’ve found that very few studies exist about grief over the lifespan. Hardly any at all. That’s probably because it’s hard to keep track of people for that long, and also because a long-term study would likely outlive its authors. But I realize I have the opportunity to simulate such a study by finding some of the original interviewees of Motherless Daughters, to see how their lives have been shaped and have unfolded over the past 25 years.

Problem is, I don’t know how to find these women today. 1992-1993 was back before anyone had email, and we all communicated by snail mail and phone. But it occurs to me that some of these original interviewees — or their sisters, or friends — may be among my friends on social media. I know I’ve seen some of them over the years, but I’ve been very bad about keeping records. Their stories have stayed with me, often in great detail, but not their contact info.

If you were interviewed for Motherless Daughters in the early 1990s, or know someone who was, could you please email me at or private message me here? I am looking for the women who sat down with me for one-on-one interviews in 1992 and 1993 or attended focus groups at my apartment on E. 64th St. in New York.

It would be my great honor to connect with you again, after all these years. And to continue to share the journey.

Many thanks,
Hope xxo