Hello, and thank you for your interest in my coaching programs and services!

Are you feeling “stuck” in your grieving or with your creativity?

                                                   I can help with that.

I’m a certified Martha Beck Life Coach with certificate training in Narrative Therapy and a master’s degree in nonfiction writing — plus I’m the author of several best-selling books on grief

As an author and coach who works one-on-one with adults who experienced early loss, as well as with creative artists, I’ve encountered thousands of stories that needed a bit of reframing to result in enormous growth and change.

I believe our identities are based, in large part, on stories we create to make sense of our lives. Those stories can be revised or updated at any time.

No matter what your history, in a GRIEF AND LOSS COACHING session, we’ll explore your relationship to your story of loss, revisit it and potentially reframe or revise it to help you create a more empowering narrative to carry forward.  

I also offer CREATIVE COACHING sessions to nonfiction writers to support you while writing your personal stories.  (Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information about these services!) 

 There is perhaps nothing more important in the final stages of book writing than enlisting a reader with a critical eye, an attentive ear, and a deep knowledge of craft. When I contracted with Hope Edelman as I neared completion of my manuscript, it was those traits, as well as her professional insight and market savvy, that helped guide and strengthen my work. Timely, sophisticated, generous, and compassionate, Hope’s feedback has played an essential role in both my manuscript and growth as a writer.


Tim Hillegonds, The Distance Between: A Memoir (University of Neb. Press, 2019) 


This is a quick list of services. Please browse through this page to learn details about each option, or contact us for a consult on which service is best for your specific needs.

A) One-on-One Private Coaching
B) The Aftergrief Coaching Circle (group coaching) 
C) Motherless Daughters Community Calls  (group support)

A) Hourly Creative Coaching
B) Full Memoir Manuscript Consultations

“Among the many reasons Hope is such a powerful writing coach are her sharp insights coupled with her expert communication skills. Hope had the ability to perceive aspects of my work that I had never considered before—both small scale technical issues, as well as overarching structural ideas. This allowed me to understand my manuscript on new productive and exciting terms. In the time I worked with Hope, my manuscript transformed from a set of connected pages into a piece of work that has a heartbeat and is well on its way to becoming the fully realized book I hoped it would be.”      

– Maggie Pahos,
New Orleans, LA


I specialize in adults who experienced a major loss during childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood.

Together, we explore how a particular early loss continues to affect us in the present, and develop concrete steps to help you integrate the loss and inspire you to make new and different choices moving forward.

Coaching with me means you’ll have access to decades of research and discussions about the ripple effects of grief and loss, especially grief that was silenced, suppressed, or unaddressed years ago.

Every coaching relationship is different because everyone’s story is so unique. The work we do together will be individualized for your specific needs. It could involve identifying your long-time coping strategies to see if they’re still serving you well (and if not, how to start letting them go); introducing you to Younger Self work for deeper healing; or helping you set and achieve personal and interpersonal goals.

If you’re interested in coaching with me, several options are available:

A) Private Coaching Sessions. 60-minute weekly or biweekly one-on-one sessions, in which we delve deeply into your history and your story. Available in package of three or six sessions, conducted via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. 

B) The Aftergrief Coaching Circle. A small-group intensive coaching program that meets weekly for six months, combining individual attention with ongoing group support (starting in February 2021). Sessions take place on Zoom, with replays emailed to the group in case you miss.  (Group is full and ALREADY IN SESSION for the next 6-months.)

C) Motherless Daughters Community Calls. Large-group online gatherings to learn more about the long-term effects of mother loss, hear from a variety of guest speakers, and interact with other women who lost mothers when they were young. Sessions take place on Zoom, with a 3-month commitment, and replays are emailed to the group each week in case you miss. SIGN UP HERE to join at the top of the next month.

If you’d like to work one-on-one with me, please fill out the GRIEF AND LOSS COACHING APPLICATION by clicking on the button below. Someone will get back to you within 3 business days with more details about the options.

As always, feel free to email info@hopeedelman.com for more information. 



I work individually with a select number of private clients who are writing on book-length memoirs and personal essay collections

Writing memoir is often an emotional process. At the same time, we’re creating a commercial product that has to meet public criteria as well. Having the support of someone who understands the ups and downs of this balance can be highly beneficial to helping you write a story that feels wholly authentic to you and  resonates with editors and readers.

If you’re serious about writing a memoir, I can support you through this process in the roles of coach, cheerleader, advisor, and accountability partner. My 25+ years of teaching and consulting help me see through to the heart of your story quickly and to identify its strengths and universality. 

With me, you’ll have the benefit of someone who’s published eight nonfiction books and understands this process from the inside — artistically, commercially, and emotionally

Please read below for two different options for CREATIVE COACHING.


A) Hourly Creative Coaching Sessions

All coaching arrangements begin with an initial, one-time 60-minute phone or video consultation to discuss the nature of your project. My rate is $175 per hour. In this call you’ll share your intention and vision for the project and describe any obstacles you’re facing.

If you’re looking for specific advice about finding an agent, preparing a manuscript for submission, or navigating the publishing industry, a one-hour call may be sufficient. If you’re looking for a more ongoing, supportive arrangement we’ll move you into a three- or six-session coaching package, meeting either every week or every other week, depending on your schedule.

Typically I’ll ask about the story beneath your story – meaning, the larger message you want to convey to readers. The facts of a story help readers know what happened and when. But personal narratives must be more than an episodic recounting of events. They must also reveal how a protagonist (that’s you!) changed and grew as a result of being exposed to these events. That’s the emotional storyline, which is typically layered in during the revision process. I’ll help you dive deeply into your story, identify the protagonist’s personal story arc, and artistically convey what you’ve learned.

If we decide to proceed beyond the initial consultation, our creative coaching relationships might include helping you in one or more of the following areas:

  • Jumpstarting a project you’ve wanted to begin for a long time
  • Giving yourself permission to tell your story
  • Overcoming writers’ block mid-projec
  • Returning to projects that have been put on hold with a new set of eyes
  • Re-invigorating manuscripts that feel like they’re “not working”
  • Committing to a specific set of writing goals or progress plans
  • Navigating family matters when writing about other people 
  • Changing details to protect the identify of characters
  • Recreating scenes when you don’t remember specific details

We work together to help your pages highlight your creative skills, achieve industry publishing standards, and fulfill your personal goals.

While I may read occasional pages of your work that relate to our topics of discussion, this is not a developmental editing arrangement. If you’d like me to read large sections of a manuscript or individual essays as part of our coaching arrangement, I am available to do this at additional one-time fees.

If you hope to work with someone who can read and provide continuous feedback on pages as you write them, please let me know. I can refer you to several excellent writing coaches who offer these services.


B) Full Memoir Manuscript Consultations

(for writers with drafts already completed)

How it works: You send me a digital copy of your entire memoir manuscript (up to 500 pages* total).

I read the pages electronically and insert margin comments.

I also type up five or more pages of single-spaced summary comments that offer both big-picture and micro feedback, typically including:

  • analysis of narrative structure;
  • discussion of both the plotted surface story and the emotional story of the protagonist’s struggles and growths;
  • analysis of the major conflicts in the story and their resolutions;
  • discussions about characterization, dialogue, pacing, and narrative persona;
  • suggestions for edits and additions; and
  • analysis of writing strengths and habits.

If publication is your goal, I will also spend time discussing what needs to be done to make the manuscript submission-ready.

ALSO INCLUDED: one (1) 90-minute phone or Skype call to discuss the pages after they’ve been returned to answer any questions from the writer.

Cost: Flat rate of $200 + $12 per manuscript page. (For example, a 300-page manuscript = $3,800 fee.)

* Please note: a “page” means double line spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, with standard margins.